I introduce this guide with some personal considerations and with the aim of stimulating the overall quality performance of the production system.

- Every time I'm going to do an inspection I always wonder if my previous visits have generated some visible qualitative results. Over time, however, I have realized that in some productive situations, despite my efforts, the quality aspect never shows signs of a significant improvement;
it’s not by chance that the title of this paragraph reads "Our Efforts" fertile lands ... and arid deserts
Personally, in every activity I have undertaken, I have always sought satisfaction in building something that had a value, where the goal to be reached was clear and achievable.
My task, like anyone who practices this job, is primarily the release on the market of products that are conforming to the required standards and therefore appreciated by the general public. The ways to achieve these goals can be multiple, but I think they can be attributable to the following two working systems: Force production workers to deliver products in a way that meets demands, on penalty of psychological blackmail, fines and charges. …...Or
To train and encourage production workers to supply compliant products.
Both listed modes, in order to be activated, always need a direction, which is undoubtedly the prerogative and responsibility of the corporate management.
Given that an inspection always requires a great deal of energy, the fatigue doubles when the task goes beyond the normal control of the sample batches and I try to explain to those present the importance of the quality I am seeking. This type of daily training activity is the basis of qualitative growth, although unfortunately it does not always bear fruit. Generally speaking, when I explain my reasons and indicate the necessary measures to improve the quality of the product, such as some points for improvement, the people I am speaking to, namely the quality control staff or the production supervisors and owners, listen with interest and that gives hope for a more prosperous qualitative future. However, the feedback on the ground, during the subsequent inspections, alas, often proves disappointing and so I wonder if all that attention shown previously is nothing more than a form of respect towards the role I play, rather than the sharing of my ideas.
But the key to success, in every activity, is also persevering and believing in our own convictions, so I'm continuing unperturbed in the training mission even if addressed to a small group of employees. Sometimes I observe, with satisfaction, important quality improvements and even when they are minimal, they stimulate my activity, they gratify the work of everyone and push me to cultivate the seed of quality.
One inspection after another, I have also encountered some sad truths and, more often than I imagined, one above all: "the infertility of the Arid Desert".

These sterile and deeply ill areas of work, are always the result of inadequate staff management, wiping out the identity and potential of others, where the only reason for the work to be done is a miserly wage. When I find myself fulfilling my task in places like that, despite my repeated efforts for suggestions and points for improvements, all I can do is employ nothing more than the sterile tool of inspection, which most often gives negative results and generates repetitive discussions. Even when the outcome of the inspection is positive, I still come out of these environments feeling demoralised.
However, I remain confident that time, which represents the natural renewal of leadership, can enlighten even these production facilities and transform them into fertile soils.

I conclude this reflection by wishing everyone a pleasant, rewarding read and I would highlight this Unique, Simple and Basic concept:

"Quality is the animated result of a common effort"

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