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For quality in clothing

The company training plan we are implementing, with the aim of raising the quality level of goods, will, above all, take up much more time than a simple basic course in quality control for clothing.

The aim is to develop in staff a keenly qualitative approach to the product and create a bond running from the bottom to the top of the company.

After careful analysis of all the procedures currently applied by the company to maintain the quality aspect of the products, including the various specific duties of the employees, our experts will draw up an executive plan, to include implementation of strategies and new methods targeting the manufacture of articles to an ever increasing standard of finish and satisfaction.
The plan will be illustrated to the Company Management and discussed for approval. Of course, for the plan to succeed, it is fundamental that the company management fully agrees with the indicated guidelines.

As already mentioned, the time-scale for completion of this project will definitely be extensive and will not be concluded with the staff training sections. An average of 6 to 12 months is expected as maintenance activity to harmonise the new concepts and new activities, while the mere training of staff will involve at least 6 operations spread over a period lasting something like 6 weeks.

formazione qualita abbigliamento

The aim of the training is to achieve greater awareness in the production operators towards the needs of the various customers, a commercial feeling between the two sides and shared expectations and results in qualitative and commercial terms.

It is understood that the time-scales of the training plan will be assessed from time to time, according to various necessities. It will be possible in any case also to develop less complex training plans, aimed at a specific production sector.

The overall analysis, to prepare an initial budget, will be carried out free of charge. (subject to the acquisition of data and illustrative material supplied by the client)
Where special inspection visits are required, a small fee and expenses will be charged.

N.B.: The company and the trainers themselves undertake to maintain the utmost confidentiality, both concerning any confidential information revealed during completion of the project and the identity of the recipient of the service.

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