Professional inspection of clothing

For companies and private individuals.

The goal is to check and define the aspects of quality, identity and origin of clothing products, by means of an authenticated, sworn inspection with legal validity, carried out by a qualified expert in the sector.

This expert inspection service is available both to manufacturers subject to disputes concerning the quality of products they have sold and to anyone who has purchased unsatisfactory goods. The service is also intended for injured parties in cases of falsification of a product brand/model or persons who are accused of such and have undergone confiscation of goods.

The inspection, even if it is requested unilaterally, will be carried out in an impartial manner, in order to find the easiest solution to a dispute and highlight the aspects of quality, origin and identity, thus providing, either to a conciliator or to the applicant, valid technical support also in establishing the seriousness or otherwise of the damage caused or suffered, together with a suitable solution.

This inspection will be carried out and drafted by a qualified expert, registered on the Roll of Technical Advisors in the Courts, also known as a CTU, with proven competence in the clothing sector and exemplary moral integrity; it may be used in litigation (before a Judge or Magistrate) and produced as a further instrument of certification to help to apply for and obtain damages, a refund or release of confiscated garments.

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The inspection will be carried out by the qualified expert consultant on a representative batch or a sample made available by the client. In the event of the said batch or sample/s being extracted by the client and sent to the Expert for inspection, an additional declaration will be required from the client, certifying that the partial quantity for inspection is representative of the whole and has been extracted at random from the batch in question. The inspection report may also be issued in a foreign language, with the aid of a translator recognized by the courts.

Generally speaking, the report will be drafted and sent to the client within 7 days of the inspection, or, where samples are sent by courier, 7 days after their receipt. As soon as the report document has been drafted and sworn, an advance copy will be sent by certified email, while the original will be sent by express registered post.

For inspections carried out remotely, the expenses and transport costs for goods examined, both for delivery and return, will be charged to the client. The said representative batch of goods will be returned within 7 days of the inspection, whole*, but with an identification seal; it will be the responsibility of the client not to tamper with said seals, on penalty of invalidating the inspection. Any further invasive examinations, deemed by the Expert to be useful in verifying the qualitative condition of the garments under examination, will have to be authorised in writing by the client at the time of confirming the appointment or subsequently during the said inspection.

Costs of expertise:

The cost of the perimeter will be determined from time to time by the parties according to the complexity and execution.

As an example, we refer to some types of remuneration executable on a single lot:

Lot within 90 units
Euro 300,00 + costs for sworn expertise Euro 80,00 *
Lot from 91 to 150 units
Euro 350,00 + costs for sworn expertiseEuro 80,00 *
Lot from 151 to 280 units
Euro 400,00 + costs for sworn expertiseEuro 80,00 *

*The examination is usually released in a simple way or ascertained by the expert; The oath is executed only at the request of the applicant.

For larger volumes, several lots or items, the expert costs will be agreed from time to time. It is specified that any travel of the expert outside his home office will require a flat-rate reimbursement to be agreed upon.

Payment Methods:

The payment of the expertise must be anticipated at least 50% at the time the mandate is given and paid before the delivery by bank transfer or any other form agreed in advance.

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