Verification of quality control in clothing

Objective, strategies, methods and practical tests on tailoring, knits, leathers and accessories.


The program consists of 4 sessions that will be held for 4 consecutive Saturdays from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. The total estimated cost of the program is € 850.00 (the amount is subject to receive discounts indicated on the order form)

For those who have purchased the training material "Guide for Quality Control in the Clothing Industry" and consequently receive the reservation free of charge for the course, the amount of the cost of the material will be deducted from the total cost as well as a 5% discount.

The guide serves as preparation for future training.


Course Start Date:
April 2016
Saturday 10:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 18:00
Course Location
Florence, Italy
Maximum number of participants

Objective of the course

The training course we propose focuses on the qualitative aspect of clothing goods and has the primary goal of preparing mainly operators involved in this field. Understanding and knowing how to evaluate a product, managing the successful outcome of a batch during production, acquiring greater certainty as to the merchandise's saleable appearance and knowing how to recommend it for purchase are just some of the topics that will be dealt with during the course, which also includes a series of key practical sections.

The quality control inspector for clothing is an increasingly sought-after figure by both the trading agencies and directly by the customers; this training course therefore also aims at improving the evaluative skills of these professional figures, reorganizing their skills and introducing new workers to the clothing sector with better preparation (both productive and sales) in order to renew and contribute to make the sector more dynamic and professional, in step with the quality requirements of today's market.

Who it's addressed to

New aspiring workers of the industry, to all those who already work in the fashion industry, commercial employees, customer assistants, shop assistants and clerical workers in large retailers, freight forwarders, designers, stylists, sales or purchasing managers, clothing representatives. To anyone who wants to increase and improve his basic knowledge.

Topics covered within the training course

  • The educational value of the experience
  • The figures in clothing quality control
  • Qualitative aims and growth.
  • From the customer to the wholesaler.
  • The commercial results of quality control.
  • The operational autonomy and common aims
  • Human resources and production
  • Absolute neutrality and unconditional inspections
  • Goods to check
  • Essential basics; basic raw materials
  • Different types of stitches in the needlework
  • Productive procedures of the different types of goods
  • Where quality control takes place, records and optimal conditions
  • Methods for the quality control and their practical use.
  • Instruments needed for the check
  • Preventive exam on the instruments
  • What is judged in a clothing product
  • Measuring systems and their practical applications
  • Availability and the state of goods – Time available for the check
  • Discrepancies of materials
  • Critical points of the various clothing products
  • Labelling and maintenance indications
  • List, classification, effect and causes of the most common defects
  • Use of tolerances during the assessment of the products
  • Production phases to inspect
  • Check operability for every clothing product
  • Inspection report; formats; compilation and use
  • Check strategy: actions in the pre-inspections
  • A quality supervisor... for the quality
  • The successful concept of qualitative transversality

The course includes numerous practical tests, such as:

  • Construction checks
  • Practical analysis on the critical points of the products
  • Measuring tests
  • Simulation of an inspection

* The training course will be accompanied by slides and videos.

The course will be carried out by technicians who are registered members of the Chamber of Commerce of experts and consultants. The Florentine headquarters where we will hold the training courses will be announced to our members 30 days before the course start date. At the end of the course you will be issued a certificate of attendance

For more info contact:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Payment specification:

  • Euro 170,00  enrollment fee to be paid at least 45 days before the course start date.
  • Euro 255,00 to be paid 30 days before the course start date.
  • Euro 425,00* remaining balance to be paid 7 days before the course start date.

* The final amount will be subject to discounts * from the total cost of the course and any additional discounts of the training material if it was purchased in advance. Customers will be sent a detailed statement and a net balance showing payments made in advance as well as the percentage of the discounts granted.

Deferred payment: You can also pay the amount due in three weekly installments each of which needs to be paid before the start of each of the first 3 lessons This can be done via bank transfer or in cash directly to the on-site secretary.

Note: No discounts are given on payments made by method of deferments.

Payments made by bank transfers must have the following descriptions:

Registration Fee for the course: "Quality Control Inspections of Clothing"
Intermediate Fee for the course "Quality Control Inspections of Clothing"
Balance Fee for the course for the course: "Quality Control Inspections of Clothing"
1st / 2nd / Total fee for the course: "Quality Control Inspections of Clothing"

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